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America’s Next Leaders: An Ariz. Youth Backs Safe Schools for All

  • “America’s Next Leaders 2016” is an Equal Voice News special series that highlights young people who are strengthening their communities.
October 28, 2016 2:14 pm by

Each story in the “America’s Next Leaders 2016” special series features a young person who contributes to his or her community and has received a Sargent Shriver Youth Warriors Against Poverty Leadership Award. Each year, Marguerite Casey Foundation, which publishes Equal Voice News, honors young people with this awardshrriverrecipientanl2016graphicinsert

The Arizona Equal Voice Network, which includes the Arizona Community Action Association, nominated Ernesto Bracamontes, who is featured here, for the award. Here is a summary of his community contributions: 

Ernesto Bracamontes works with the Center for Neighborhood Leadership. He is also the founder of Safe Schools Now, a campaign to increase school funding and resources so that schools would be able to provide conflict resolution, diversity awareness and leadership programs.

In 2013, after holding a series of community roundtables and a massive voter outreach program, members of Safe Schools Now were able to secure funding for school safety. Safe Schools Now members have trained hundreds of students in board governance and school district funding.

They also have advocated statewide to increase school safety programs and raise school revenue by eliminating corporate tax breaks.

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