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Low-Income Households Struggle to Manage Expenses

URBANA,Ill. - Robin Arbiter is a long-time resident of the Lierman Neighborhood, a low-income area near the corner of Washington and Lierman streets in Urbana. Despite her physical disabilities, she is an at-home activist and artist. To get by, Arbiter receives federal social security disability benefits. She also receives assistance for housing and food. Most of [...]
Lasting Effect of Economy Creates Greater Stress on Local HouseholdsCHAMPAIGN, Ill. - In 2002, food was a lot less expensive. So was water service and household energy. The past decade has brought many changes to the nation’s economy – changes that produced a profound and distressing impact on America’s families. A review of state and federal data shows that: ·         Food prices rose 29 percent over [...]
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Economy Leaves More Champaign Families in NeedCHAMPAIGN,Ill. - Leodegario Olea and his wife, Rosa, sit inside the dining room of their six-bedroom house in west Champaign talking money. “To be honest, I have always had problems with bills even before a family. A home is very expensive, I’m not gonna lie. You’ve got to pay gas, lights, food,” Olea  said through  a [...]
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