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The Changing Face of Politics: A Q&A With Pramila Jayapal

The Changing Face of Politics: A Q&A With Pramila Jayapal

As the nation focuses on what is turning into a horse race between Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, his Democratic counterpart, the idea of implementing true change after Election 2016 might actually occur at the grassroots level. As partisan fighting continues to dominate Washington, D.C., concerned community members nationwide are raising their […]

America’s Stateless People: How Immigration Gaps Create Poverty

FRESNO, Calif. — They came to America in the 1970s and 1980s as child refugees, members of the Hmong minority in Laos fleeing that country’s new communist government and persecution for helping the CIA in its covert war in Southeast Asia. America held the promise of safety and a piece of the American dream. Many […]

A House Divided: Advocates See Elected Office as Path to Change

A House Divided: Advocates See Elected Office as Path to Change

Around the country, growing networks of activists and community organizers have spent years working on poverty and inequality issues. They have changed the national conversation around the minimum wage, taxation, and the need to rein in the power that big money exerts over the political process. Now, seeking to cement the changed terms of the […]

Locked Up and Lost: HIV Behind Bars

Locked Up and Lost: HIV Behind Bars

Spend a little time talking with Bryan C. Jones and you’ll have a hard time thinking of him as average. But, like far too many Black men, the 55-year-old from Ohio has spent time locked up. When Jones was released from an Ohio State penitentiary in 2008, he recalls that a social worker attempted to […]

One Student Helps Create Educational Equity in East Los Angeles

  Eduardo Pacheco comes from a community in East Los Angeles that is plagued by poverty, violence and low college attendance. Despite these and other financial hardships, Eduardo is making a positive impact on the community’s youth and their future. A freshman at the University of California Santa Barbara, Eduardo has been working with InnerCity […]

A Student Fights for Youth and Families in the Rio Grande Valley

  Cameron Park is a border colonia near Brownsville, Texas, and like other colonias it lacks some of the most basic living necessities, such as potable water, sewer systems, electricity, paved roads and safe housing. This colonia is home to 8,000 residents who are among the poorest in the country, with a per capita income […]

How Social Justice Movements Begin

SAN DIEGO – On Friday, Feb. 12, Marguerite Casey Foundation began its first-ever regional convening of California grantees with a performance by the Border Angels, a social justice and human rights organization that offers food, water and other humanitarian assistance to those attempting the harrowing trek across the U.S.-Mexico border. Performers read from “Letters from […]

Power Failure: Appalachia Plans for Life Beyond Coal

HARLAN COUNTY, Ky.—On his first shift in the coal mine, Brandon Farley closed his eyes to steady his nerves as the powered cart he was riding disappeared into the mountainside. A third-generation coal miner in this Appalachian corner of Eastern Kentucky, Farley began working in the mines right out of high school and kept at […]

Special Series: A Young Latina Is Making Change in Ala.

  For Roshell Rosales Aguilar, contributing to her community means giving a voice to the underrepresented. Roshell, who immigrated to the United States from Mexico at the age of 3, believes that the Hispanic community, especially in Birmingham, Alabama is not well known. “We are present, but we don’t know how to express ourselves,” she […]

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