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Florida Berry Pickers Are Left Out of Talks Affecting Their Lives

Florida Berry Pickers Are Left Out of Talks Affecting Their Lives

When black bears in Florida began foraging for food in people’s backyards, the state responded by banning the harvest of small orange, green and dark-blue saw palmetto berries the bears feed on in the wild. The reasoning? Preserving more of the bears’ food in their habitats would make them less likely to encroach on suburbia. […]

Medicaid Denied: The Cost May Be Measured in Lives

IN THE MISSISSIPPI DELTA — A few weeks before Christmas in 2010, Gloria Owens was shopping in the Dirt Cheap Store in Yazoo City, Mississippi, when she collapsed. That is when Owens, now 59, learned she was suffering from untreated diabetes. A social worker here, she’d lost her health insurance after switching to part-time work […]

Special Series: A Latina Youth Encourages All to Vote

Violeta Sanchez, a first-generation Mexican-American, knows what it feels like to deal with discrimination. She comes from a family where half of its members are undocumented immigrants who have been unable to get jobs that match their skill levels. The reason: Their status. Dealing with this discrimination led her to fight for social justice – […]

Special Series: Education Is an Investment, Texas Woman Says

Since the age of 3, Judith Sierra has participated in a variety of programs and classes at A Resource in Service Equality (ARISE) Center in the south of Texas. In 1998, her parents enrolled her in ARISE’s Early Childhood Program, which is designed to help toddlers be successful when they enter the school system. As […]

Special Series: Texas Youth Says Education Is Powerful

Twenty-one-year-old Karla Reyna, a first-generation American of Mexican parents, lives in Colonia Las Milpas, one of the many rural neighborhoods in South Texas that lack infrastructure and whose main inhabitants are immigrant families that fall within the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development category of “very low income.” Karla, now a physical therapy student […]

Elders in America: Living on the Edge. Why We Should Care.

SEATTLE — In a small brick building in sight of the Ballard Locks, which connect bodies of salt and fresh water in this Pacific Northwest city, the aroma of meatballs and tomato sauce wafts up the stairs. In about half an hour, 35 or so regulars at the Ballard NW Senior Center will dig into […]

Special Series: Meet a Scholar of Peace, a Teen From Miss.

Anfernee Horton is doing everything he can to make communities stronger in Mississippi – and he gained his start in helping residents and neighborhoods as a youth organizer at the Nollie Jenkins Family Center (NJFC) in Lexington. Now, a civil engineering student at Jackson State University, Anfernee helped NJFC for more than three years and […]

Chicago Residents Want ‘Voice’ in Future of Dyett High

Chicago Residents Want ‘Voice’ in Future of Dyett High

The parents, grandparents, educators and clergy have been starving themselves since Aug. 17, subsisting only on water and juice. The hunger strikers, who are now on Day 30 of their protest, joined scores of demonstrators who have taken to marching in candlelight vigils to President Barack Obama’s home in Chicago every night. About 3,000 petitioners […]

Special Series: A Fla. Youth Works to Improve the World

As a leader involved in social justice campaigns in Florida, 22-year-old Rebecca Krueger puts her heart into everything she does. Rebecca, a studio arts student at Florida State University, has been involved in social justice campaigns since her first year in college. “I saw a flier on campus for [an event that Advocates for Immigrant […]

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