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Mother’s Day Edition: Challenges Give Strength

07-Letti Sanchez

Letti Sanchez - A Volunteer With Big Dream for Her Kids

Mom’s Name: Letti Sanchez

Home City: Alamo, Texas

Organization affiliation: La Union del Pueblo Entero

Community participation: Education, Dream Act and legacy of Cesar Chavez

Why this Person is a Community Trailblazer: “Letti, a mother of three DREAMers, works diligently, selling used clothes, cutting grass, cleaning houses and other in-between jobs to make sure her children go to college. Letti is also a volunteer in her community, lending her landscaping skills and event planning wisdom to community festivals like the annual Cesar Chavez Memorial March.”

Nominated by: John-Michael Torres

Written by Equal Voice News on May 10, 2013 @ 12:33 pm
Filed under: Mother's Day
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