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Solis and Brown – Parents Working to Improve Education

Graduate’s name: Maria Solis and A.J. Brown

Home city: Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Name of school or program: Parents for Public Schools Parent Engagement Program (PEP – Class of 2015)

Degree or certificate earned: Certified Parent Leader (Class of 2015)

Why you’re honoring this graduate:

“Becoming certified parent leader PEP graduates was a family affair for Maria Solis and A.J. Brown. A.J. readily admits that he joined the class because his wife ‘drafted me, but I liked what I saw and understood what we need in our state to improve education. I want a better education for my children.’

“Maria saw an immediate need at her church and is planning to conduct workshops sharing education information with other Spanish speaking parents. You can see from the photo, the couple’s three children, Daphne, Jazmin and Eatan are proud of their parents’ commitment to their schools.

“As we look at this season of high school and college graduates, let’s remember the key role that involved, engaged and committed parents play in the success of their children’s education.

“This is your day, so get on the way!”

Honored by: Nita Rudy of Parents for Public Schools. The organization, based in Jackson, Mississippi, works on strengthening public schools.

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