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Millions of families in America live in poverty, not of their own making, but because our system has failed them, or even worse, ignored them. Their stories are rarely told, their voices rarely heard. Yet, these families have the firsthand experience and insight into how public policy, attitudes and systems must change to raise all families to prosperity.

Equal Voice is written and edited by award-winning professional journalists with a depth of experience in major newsrooms throughout the country. It’s published by Marguerite Casey Foundation, which provides grants to organizations working on the issues behind family poverty.

Equal Voice newspaper breaks news, follows issues, investigates and sheds light on the lives of families living in poverty in the United States. Then we go deeper, interviewing the policy-makers, legislators and executives to understand the how-and why behind the issues.

We take pride in providing independent, accurate, meaningful journalism and in seeking voices from overlooked corners of our country. Every week Equal Voice publishes original news, features, photo essays and opinion pieces.

With the decline in mainstream newspapers, shrinking news budgets, and smaller staffs, we want to help other journalists bring these critical stories to the attention of their readers. Our articles are intended for sharing. We encourage print, electronic and broadcast journalists to use our articles as inspiration for their own reporting, to contact our sources, and dig even deeper into the issues of family poverty in their own cities and states.

You are also welcome to reprint our articles in full with our byline, in your own newspaper or blog. Please include the link back to the Equal Voice front page. Broadcast journalists, please credit Equal Voice if you quote from our articles.

Through partnerships with the 250 community organizations supported by Marguerite Casey Foundation, the newspaper is also able to connect journalists with families, community organizers and local experts in 13 states (Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Tennessee and Texas).

For information about Equal Voice News, contact Brad Wong at 206-273-7371 or bwong@caseygrants.org. He is the news editor.

For information about Marguerite Casey Foundation, please email communicationdept@caseygrants.org.

Marguerite Casey Foundation is a national, independent grant-making foundation dedicated to helping low-income families strengthen their voice and mobilize communities. www.caseygrants.org



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