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Poverty, Prosperity and Promises

How Policies Impact the Economic Well-Being of Families

Issue Fact Promises What We Are Watching
Workplace regulations Bills would undo safety and health protections To help working Americans Whether they become law
Taxes If cuts are made, low-income people might benefit the least To help workers have better lives How tax reform makes it way through Congress
Private prisons The U.S. can now enter into contracts with private prison companies To unify the country Possible civil rights violations and splitting of families
Money to fight domestic violence About 260,000 domestic violence survivors could be affected To represent all Americans Whether legal aid, training and support services end
Federal budget Defense spending is likely to go up To help working Americans and their families Cuts to domestic programs, including the safety net
Civil rights The Justice Department plans to limit civil rights actions on police departments To uphold the U.S. Constitution The protection of civil rights and liberties