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America’s Next Leaders: A Youth Fights Oppression by Engaging

  • “America’s Next Leaders 2016” is an Equal Voice News special series that highlights young people who are strengthening their communities.
December 9, 2016 10:48 am by

Each year, Equal Voice News features “America’s Next Leaders”, a series that profiles the recipients of the Marguerite Casey Foundation’s Sargent Shriver Youth Warriors Against Poverty Leadership Award. The award honors young people who, in the spirit of Sargent Shriver, have demonstrated a deep commitment to social justice and have transformed that commitment into effective action across an array of issues.The Marguerite Casey Foundation supports and promotes America’s Next Leaders in order to recognize their resolve and courage and to help them build a network that will foster their individual and collective work moving forward.

Equal Voice News is an online newspaper published by the Marguerite Casey Foundation that covers the intersection of policy and poverty, with a focus on the lives of families living at that intersection.

Equal Voice for Florida’s Families, which includes Farmworkers Self-Help, nominated Angel Mendez for the award. Here is a summary of his community contributions:

Angel, an undocumented youth, is active with Farmworkers Self-Help, working with the youth program, Teen Dream Team, and with Dreamer’s Teatro, an actors troupe.

He has become very involved in legislative work, helping to advocate for an in-state tuition bill for undocumented students and for expansion of the state’s KidCare program, which provides health insurance for youth.

Angel also has participated for two years in the Encampment for Citizenship program, which helped him expand his understanding of social justice organizing. Besides his work organizing with Farmworkers Self-Help, he won election as president of the Dade City Youth Council. 

2 Responses to "America’s Next Leaders: A Youth Fights Oppression by Engaging"

  1. margarita romo  December 9, 2016 at 12:20 pm

    We are very proud of Angel. He truly is an angel…He has a good heart, and certainly has big dreams so being a Dreamer is exactly what he is, but he has ties to those dreams so that they will become reality…I am glad and proud to have known this young man.

  2. Charley  December 9, 2016 at 11:47 am

    Very involved young man! Good for him and all who he helps! I wouldn’t advertise his immigration status too loudly! Trump will be running the show soon! He’s insisting on deporting people, no matter their contributions!


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