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Arizona Activists Call for Election Reform

Phoenix-area civic organizations, dismayed by voter misinformation, confusion at the polls, and delays counting ballots, have proposed a series of next-steps for election reform in Arizona.

The announcement follows protests over hundreds of thousands of early and provisional ballots that remained uncounted for nearly three weeks after Election Day on Nov. 6. Maricopa County officially completed their count of votes and approved their canvass of results Monday Nov. 26.

Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett has acknowledged that the state could do a better job of elections administration, voter registration, and vote counting.

On Monday, Secretary Bennett met with voting rights advocates from the Adiós Arpaio campaign, who began the call for elections reform earlier this month in response to voter complaints, including the use of provisional ballots, particularly in minority precincts.

Campaign for Arizona’s Future registered 34,327 voters in Maricopa County this year.

With more participation by young people, Latinos, and other new voters, updating the state’s voting processes will create fairer elections for all. Years of effort to register tens of thousands of new voters in Arizona more than doubled the use of early voting by mail. 

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