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Chicago Renters View 'ROOTS' as Solution to Affordable Housing

Chicago Renters View

CHICAGO – In Roxanne Smith’s kitchen, a framed excerpt from Barack Obama’s 2008 Grant Park presidential victory speech hangs for all to see. “America, we have come so far,” it reads. “But there is so much more to do.” Smith, 60, has come a long way herself in recent years. In 2013, she faced potential homelessness […]

What Happens When Illinois Really Has No Budget?

What Happens When Illinois Really Has No Budget?

CHICAGO — As Illinois enters its second month without a budget, thousands of families find themselves without access to child care and other state services while Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and Democrats remain gridlocked over a $6 billion financial gap which threatens to shut down state facilities. On July 1, legislators missed the deadline to pass […]