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San Francisco Media Plan Week of Coverage on Homeless Crisis

San Francisco Media Plan Week of Coverage on Homeless Crisis

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — More than 70 media organizations in San Francisco plan to saturate online, TV and print publications this week with news stories about an issue that has stumped politicians and residents for decades: The city’s homeless.  Homelessness has defined San Francisco for generations, with panhandlers and urine-stained sidewalks as much a part […]

More Than Housing: One Person's Voice

More Than Housing: One Person

More Than Housing: Shon’s Equal Voice Story Shon Robertson is an activist, spoken word artist, and was once homeless. At the age of 8, Shon became a ward of the state, and at the age of 21, aged out of the system and into homelessness. Watch Shon’s video on how she survived homelessness, and is […]

Superstorm Sandy Takes a Mother's Home and Livelihood

Superstorm Sandy Takes a Mother

Although Superstorm Sandy has passed, many people who lost their homes or businesses, such as this woman in Rockaway (Queens), New York, are still suffering from very serious damage, and wondering how they will ever recover. This small restaurant was without power, it was covered with mud throughout.  The refrigerator and all of the cooking […]

Narducci: Homelessness Directly Impacted Me

Narducci: Homelessness Directly Impacted Me

CHICAGO – I never knew homelessness directly impacted me until I interned this fall at the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless. In high school, I experienced homelessness. Due to issues at home and changing schools, I often had to drift between my brother’s, sister’s and friends’ houses. I didn’t have a car, so physically to […]

Court of Appeals Win for Homeless People Protecting Possessions

Court of Appeals Win for Homeless People Protecting Possessions

LOS ANGELES  – In the spring of 2011, a Federal District Court judge issued a preliminary injunction preventing the city from seizing homeless people’s property unless it was abandoned, contraband, evidence of a crime or an immediate threat to public health or safety, and from destroying it unless it posed a threat. The City appealed that injunction, arguing basically that […]

Klippenstein: Changing the 'Big Picture' of Homelessness

Klippenstein: Changing the

CHICAGO – The reason that I chose to be a community organizing intern at Chicago Coalition for the Homeless is because they organize and advocate to change the “big picture” of homelessness. I believe that in order to truly end homelessness we have to change the systems and institutions that create homelessness and make it […]