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Election 2016: Latinos, ‘The New Deciders’ and the Evangélico Vote

The nation’s political attention was focused on Wednesday’s final presidential debate in Las Vegas between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump.


A day after, an equally crucial community discussion focusing on Latino voters in Election 2016, evangelicals, Florida and diversity nationwide occurred, as journalist Maria Hinojosa led a two-hour public conversation with residents in Apopka. The city is near Orlando.

The discussion, part of her PBS election special, “America by the Numbers: The New Deciders,” included Maria Lozano, the Revs. Gabriel and Jeanette Salguero and other leaders in Florida’s evangelical and immigrant community.

“The New Deciders”

The full documentary is on PBS. Join the conversation on Twitter by using #TheNewDecidersPBS.

The talk also examined the unpredictable nature of the evangelical vote and changes in political power in Election 2016. As part of the PBS series, Hinojosa also interviewed Democrats and Republicans in other states.

“With Florida as the home to the third-largest Latino population in the nation, we will discuss which candidates and issues are gaining traction in Florida,” Hinojosa’s production company, The Futuro Media Group, said in a statement before the event.

Part of the PBS election special was shown at the community event. The hour-long episode of “The New Deciders” premiered on PBS in September.

Since 2014, Hinojosa has hosted “America by the Numbers” documentary episodes on PBS. The documentaries examine demographic shifts in the United States. Her work is also heard on Latino USA on NPR.

Marguerite Casey Foundation, which publishes Equal Voice News, helped support this event. This story was updated since it was posted.

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