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Marguerite Casey Foundation Marks 15 Years of Supporting Families

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Throughout this year, Marguerite Casey Foundation has been celebrating 15 years of grantmaking, working with grassroots organizations and supporting families leading the way in fighting poverty.

Oct. 17, 2001 marks a special date in its history: It is when Marguerite Casey Foundation formally began in philanthropy. evn_knee

Led by President and CEO Luz Vega-Marquis, the Seattle-based foundation collaborates with about 200 community organizations in some of the poorest regions of the United States to ensure the voices, views and solutions of working families are heard by policymakers at all levels, as well as in the national discussion.

The foundation supports movement building, unrestricted, long-term grants and access to networks of organizations that are crucial to ending poverty. It also publishes Equal Voice News and focuses on grassroots progress on all levels.

This year, the foundation launched its #DayofEquity national campaign, which asks people to envision and contribute their ideas for a just and equitable society. The public can participate by visiting DayofEquity.org, which includes policy briefs on issues important to families.

The foundation’s 15th anniversary also marks the relaunch of the Equal Voice National Family Platform, which covers issues of concern that more than 50,000 families in 47 states have identified as important to their lives, ending poverty and expanding opportunity.

This year, the two new issues are: Restoring and protecting voting rights and fair lending.

Overall, the platform focuses on a comprehensive – rather than piecemeal – policy approach to the challenges working families face. It also echoes the voices of families across the country who want an equal voice in the policy decisions affecting their lives.

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