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Pamela Wray – A Birmingham Woman Who ‘Goes Where Angels Fear’

By on March 30, 2017 9:00 pm

Hero’s name: Pamela D. Wray

Home city: Birmingham

Organization affiliation: The Lighthouse for Recovery Ministries and Safe Haven Dog Sanctuary

How does the person’s work advance social justice? What is the person’s vision for an equitable world?

“All you have to do is review her work to understand why this woman is a hero to myself, her network, her community and her clients.

She is always goes where the angels fear to tread and hates social injustice to the core of her being. She fights in every arena that comes her way and she does this without any salary – an example of true altruism.”

Honored by: Thomas Hosch



Note: This profile is part of Equal Voice News’ special Cesar Chavez Day Community Heroes edition. These submissions were edited for clarity.

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