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  1. Gina Owens  November 22, 2012 at 12:35 am

    When I first heard about the Marguerite Casey Foundation embarking on a national campaign, I wondered just how far and for how long it would last. It’s incredible to me that I have participated AND WATCHED the growth of that campaign called { Equal Voices for the nation’s families }. I will continue to support and be a part of their programming as long as they will let me. Equal Voices is a STRONG AGENT FOR ONE VOICE TO BECOME THOUSANDS OF VOICES FOR THE COMMON GOOD OF DIGNITY AND RESPECT FOR OUR NATION’S FAMILIES. Congratulations Equal Voices… for lasting this long and for continuing to help families across the nation raise their concerns and passions in such a dignified way. Marcelas {my grandson} and I salute you.


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