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Rosa Amalia Garcia - Sharing Her Heart in California

By on March 28, 2014 9:39 am

Hero’s name: Rosa Amalia Garcia

Home city: Novato

Organization affiliation: Canal Youth and Family Council

Why this person is a Community Hero:

From Steve Mason: “Although a resident of Novato, Amalia shares her time, and her heart, here in the Canal Neighborhood of San Rafael attending the monthly Thursday evening Canal Youth and Family Council meetings. She always arrives with food to ensure productive and well-attended planning meetings. She is also present at the Council’s Canal Arts program which offers free arts and craft projects for entire families along with food, music and special events the second Saturday of each month at the Albert J. Boro Community Center.

Amalia comes to us with a caring heart and a passion for children. Not only is she a child care provider for families but she and her husband Carlos are foster parents and are regularly accepting children into their family as one of their own until they are placed with a permanent family. Amalia’s experience in working with children greatly benefits the Canal Youth and Family Council’s program. In addition to providing valuable input to the group in regards to age-appropriate activities, she also supplies logistical insight that allows the group to effectively implement the activity at the Saturday program.

Amalia’s dedication to helping people, especially children, goes far beyond her work as a foster parent and with the Canal Youth and Family Council. With almost 40 years of dedicated service to people in need, she graduated from Grassroots Leadership Academy in 2010. She is a member of many other organizations, including serving as vice president of Lions International in Peru.

Amalia’s eyes light up when it comes to holidays and special events. She regularly takes the lead in researching treats, prizes and goodies for the annual Easter Egg Hunt and Santa visits which the Council provides for the community. It is very important to her that children are divided into the proper age category for the Egg Hunt so that they are safe and have a fair positive memorable experience that will last them a lifetime and that every child walks away with their share of goodies.”

Why this person is a Community Hero:

From Carlos Garcia-Bedoya: “She is a community leader for more than 25 years in USA. Since she was in her native Peru, she has always fought for needy people. She says it’s in her blood.”

Honored by: Steve Mason and Carlos Garcia-Bedoya

On #DefinePoverty: Poverty is typically defined by what you don’t have. What is your definition?

From Steve Mason: “Correct, poverty is typically defined but what someone does not have. However, one should look at what potential a group or individual could have with a little love and support.”

From Carlos Garcia-Bedoya: “For me poverty is when you ask for help and nobody extended their arms or hands for help you.”

How do you work for community justice?

From Steve Mason: “We work for justice in our community by providing equal opportunities, resources, support and acceptance with active engagement which includes meaningful listening to the true needs of the community. We strive to strengthen, enhance and heal the ever changing web of social, ecological, and economic relationships that make up the city of San Rafael, a community of communities, and the Canal neighborhood.”

From Carlos Garcia-Bedoya: “I’m working as a volunteer in different organizations in my community fighting for civil rights.” 

Note: This profile is part of Equal Voice News’ special Cesar Chavez Day Community Heroes edition. These submissions were edited for clarity.

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