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Share Your Thoughts on Immigration Reform

With immigration reform in the national spotlight, Equal Voice News wants to hear feedback from readers about ideas that might work, what needs more thinking – and what is missing from the public discussion.

Why? Personal experiences matter – and they can make better policy.

There is much to consider: President Barack Obama on Tuesday presented his immigration ideas, a day after a group of bipartisan senators issued their thoughts. On Sunday, the Illinois governor signed a bill into law, which gives undocumented immigrants permission to receive driver’s licenses.

Last week, a new poll showed that a majority of Americans support citizenship for undocumented immigrants, the Associated Press reported.

For years, grass-roots immigration groups from throughout the United States have been working on the issue so families are not torn apart and that people can have safe, stable lives.

On the Equal Voice News media platforms – which include Facebook and Twittter – let us know what you think about the national proposals and ideas being discussed in your family or community. On Twitter, use the hashtag #MyVoice.

At the bottom of each Equal Voice News story, there’s also a comment area. Equal Voice News also will be keeping an eye out for reaction from community groups in the country.

Also, visit Equal Voice News later to read reporter Kathy Mulady’s moving story about immigration, what happened to one family in Arizona and how community advocates are working throughout the country on a topic that is now on the president’s mind.

Equal Voice also has archived stories about immigration.

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