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The Latest News in Trump's America - Aug. 24

· Making It in Trump’s America: People, Policy & Poverty

Every other Thursday, Equal Voice News tracks the latest from the Trump administration, whether its policies are creating poverty or prosperity, and how families and grassroots organizations are working on those issues around the country. Here’s our latest:

A Steep Price for DREAMers

President Donald Trump is known for deals. Now, his administration is reportedly weighing a new one that would promise protection to DREAMers, who came to the U.S. as children and undocumented immigrants with their parents and won limited protections during the Obama administration, McClatchy reports.

In exchange, the administration would want sweeping immigration changes, such as the wall the president wants to build along the U.S.-Mexico border, according to the story, Trump aides plot a big immigration deal – that breaks a campaign promise.”
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A grassroots leader for La Union del Pueblo Entero (LUPE), a Texas-based social justice organization, swiftly rejected the deal.

Taking Dreamers and the DACA program hostage is not a deal. Here in South Texas, we have loudly opposed all of the things that the president wants to get out of this s-called deal: We have opposed the border wall, the increase of detention facilities, the increase of deportations,” Abraham Diaz, an education specialist at LUPE, said in a statement.

“If the president is interested in creating positive change for the United States and updating our immigration laws, then he needs to meet with immigrants, border residents, experts and advocates to find the best solution.”

If the president can’t make this deal, he suggested another idea at his Aug. 22 rally in Phoenix. If we have to close down our government, we’re building that wall,” the president told supporters.         

Meanwhile, Illinois Is Taking Steps to Protect Immigrant Families

Cities and states aren’t waiting around for the president to change immigration policy that would help families. In one of the latest reforms, Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner has indicated he will sign the TRUST Act, which offers immigrant families new protections, according to the Campaign for a Welcoming Illinois.

 The TRUST Act “will forbid local police from holding people for immigration purposes without court-ordered warrants and forbid local police from stopping, searching or arresting anyone based on their immigration or citizenship status,” the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights said.

“This is the most important protection that we can ask for, and will allow me and my family to have peace of mind,” Maribel Caldera, a community leader at P.A.S.O-West Suburban Action Project, which is part of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, said in a statement.

The NAACP Demands a Meeting With the NFL on Equity and Free Speech

The NFL season hasn’t kicked off yet, but debate over former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s protest of police brutality and inequality in America is underway. The former starting quarterback remains a free agent, with speculation that teams are reluctant to sign him because he has protested at games by kneeling during the national anthem.

On Aug. 23, the NAACP asked to meet with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell about free speech and players.

“By quietly taking a knee during the national anthem, he was able to shine a light on the many injustices faced by people of color, particularly the issue of police misconduct toward communities of color,” NAACP interim CEO and President Derrick Johnson wrote in a letter to Goodell.

“No player should be victimized and discriminated against because of his exercise of free speech – to do so is in violation of his rights under the Constitution and the NFL’s own regulations.”

The same day the NAACP sent that letter to hundreds of people gathered outside the NFL’s New York City headquarters in support of Kaepernick.

A Victory: For Fair Housing and Fair Development

In the Bay Area, gentrification and rents are rising. But going forward, anti-displacement priorities are now part of a blueprint for growth in the Bay Area – Plan Bay Area 2040 and Action Plan – for the next 20 years.

“The Action Plan is the result of a multi-year organizing campaign led by a collaboration between 6 Wins, Non-Profit Housing Association of California, and Greenbelt Alliance that pushed…to advance a plan that invests in tenant protections, affordable housing, good jobs, and a healthier environment,” Urban Habitat, an Oakland-based policy advocacy organization, reports.

Read details of the plan here.           

For nearly a decade Urban Habitat has been part of the 6 Wins for Social Equity Network, which has worked for affordable housing, good and affordable local transit, “investment without displacement, healthy and safe communities, economic opportunity and community power,” in the region.

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(Sources: Jobs With Justice digest, Associated Press, news outlets, The Skimm, and, of course, our neighbors. Paul Nyhan is the senior writer for Marguerite Casey Foundation‘s Equal Voice News) 

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