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Voices Lifted: Family Stories From 2016

Equal Voice News wishes you and your family a joyous holiday season. We’ll see you in January.

Chicago Renters View 'ROOTS' as Solution to Affordable Housing

An affordable housing program in Chicago, led by renters, could serve as a key solution, nationwide, to soaring rents, displacement and gentrification. Equal Voice News looks at what grassroots advocates are doing to keep families in their homes.

An Act of Courage: The Fight to Vote in Gould

During Election 2016, there were unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud. For many social justice advocates, the real threat to the democratic process lies in polling places with little outside oversight and local politics that are dominated by grudges and alliances – places like Gould, Arkansas.

Taking Networks to a New Level: Foundation Fuels a Movement

Marguerite Casey Foundation built a movement of low-income families with a new kind of network that empowers them. These networks sit at the forefront of an approach to philanthropy that shows the best ways to fight poverty come from those who know it firsthand.

A Small Oasis: A Border Park Keeps Immigrants Connected

Immigrants built the U.S. But today, they and their families are often divided by U.S. policy. On a small patch of land straddling the U.S.-Mexico border, separated families can reunite, at least for a few hours.

Answering the Call at Standing Rock

In August, Jennifer Varenchik of the Native Voice Network joined scores of other "water protectors" at Standing Rock. Read why she and others lent their support and raised their voices about the environment, Native issues and justice.

Virginia Makes Progress as Push to Restore Voting Rights Grows

During Election 2016, voting and criminal justice reform merged in unprecedented ways, as former felons and grassroots advocates said it was time to restore the right to cast a ballot to those who were incarcerated. The reason: Voting and having a voice in public life are inseparable.

How a Youth-Led Solution Is Helping America

What is the net positive when people "ask, listen, act," when it comes to youth in America? In New Orleans, it is turning out to be the success of a "business incubator" for young people. It's a place where Black and other youth are coming together for panel discussions, meetings and peer mentoring.

Why Don't You Just Move?

Alison Stine lives in Appalachia with her son, in a place rich with community. But she often hears a question, given that her community is poor: "Why don't you just move?" Her response: "At what cost?"

Want to Fix U.S. Schools? Look to Native American Communities

The Native American Community Academy in Albuquerque is closing achievement gaps for American Indian youth by putting identity, heritage and culture at the center of its educational philosophy. The focus came from Native families and tribal organizations who were asked what was needed for students to thrive.

Power Failure: Appalachia Plans for Life Beyond Coal

Appalachian Kentucky, which is losing coal mining jobs, received national attention in Election 2016. In a special report, Equal Voice News visited the historic region and listened to residents talk about jobs, communities and loved ones.

America's Stateless People: How Immigration Gaps Create Poverty

What happens when a person loses permanent residency status and the legal right to work because of a gap in U.S. policy? For Hmong refugee families in California and others nationwide, lives can be turned upside down. People are searching for solutions. Read this special report from Equal Voice News.

2016: Trumping Politics, Voters Unite Around Bread & Butter Issues

Election 2016 was one of the most bitterly divisive in U.S. history. But voters of all backgrounds came together across longstanding divisions of race, region and political ideology to push through initiatives around the one thing they all share: family.

How Social Justice Movements Begin

During Election 2016, the presidential candidates rarely addressed poverty. What they might have missed is that real change is happening at the grassroots level, as families and community organizations pursue solutions. In February, Marguerite Casey Foundation brought California advocates together so they could focus on lifting people out of poverty.