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Win! Redevelopment Means Good Jobs For Oaklanders

After a multi-year effort by residents to win unprecedented jobs standards at the development of the old Oakland Army Base, thet Oakland City Council has moved forward with the deal.

The job agreement at the army base represents a remarkable victory for local residents,community groups, and labor unions who have pushed the city and the developers at every step of the lengthy process to make real on their promise of long-term jobs for local families.

“We are encouraged by the movement we’ve gained on community enforcement, local hire, and access to the warehouse jobs for locals, including people with criminal records,” said Nikki Bas of East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy, convener of the Revive Oakland Coalition. ”In total, these are incredible job standards for an Oakland development, and some of the strongest standards in the nation for warehouse jobs.”

The base’s transformation into a logistics and operations center serving the adjacent Port of Oakland will bring thousands of jobs in its initial construction phase and thousands more permanent jobs in warehousing and operations. Last-minute negotiations focused on the warehouse operations, which San Francisco-based development corporation ProLogis will lease out to companies that must abide by the project’s job standards.

“This is only the beginning. Until there are shovels in the ground and Oakland residents driving forklifts in the warehouses, we will continue to hold our leaders, ProLogis, and CCIG accountable to their promises of real prosperity for Oaklanders,” said Kate O’Hara, campaign director of the Revive Coalition at EBASE.

Key details of the landmark jobs standards approved include:

All jobs at the army base:
•    Living wage
•    50% local hire
•    West Oakland job and training center
•    Long-term community oversight board to oversee compliance, with Revive Oakland guaranteed a seat on the board

Construction phase:
•    All new trade union apprenticeships reserved for Oakland residents
•    No pre-screening of job applicants for prior criminal records
•    Project labor agreement to ensure safe conditions and quality jobs

Warehouse and operations jobs:
•    Limits on use of temp agencies
•    50% local hire for all employers with 40 or more total employees (full or part-time, including temporary workers)
•    For operations jobs controlled by CCIG: No pre-screening of job applicants for prior criminal records
•    For operations jobs controlled by ProLogis: No pre-screening of job applicants for prior criminal records, with the exception of companies that have a nationwide hiring policy in place 

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